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If you are a young or emerging leader looking for inspiration, then pop over to the Young Leaders Online Resource hosted by our partners, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (YTAS) . The Young Leaders Resource is designed to help young people, emerging leaders and those new to youth theatre to develop creative skills and an entrepreneurial spirit as well as a deeper understanding of the pathways available in the sector.  

The Young Leaders Resource has a curated selection of Toolkits and Films to help you take a first or next step in your creative practice. You will find advice and guidance on getting started as a leader or setting up a new group.  There are also lots of examples, resources and inspiration from groups and artists who’ve been there before. And if you want to connect with others in the sector you can plug into an interactive Community section.

For more Ireland-specific resources see the Resources Section of this site.

Top Tips for Getting Started as a Facilitator

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The Young Leaders Resource Suite has been developed in partnership between Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (YTAS) and Youth Theatre Ireland as part of Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a two-year partnership project co-funded by the  Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


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