Getting Started

This collection of resources shares a tried and tested approach to supporting young people's critical engagement with the live theatre experience. Here you will find the practical tools you need to plan and deliver young critics activities, with the added benefit of advice and tips from the experts.

Who is this resource for?

The resource suite is for youth theatre facilitators, youth arts workers, teachers and young people with an interest in theatre. The content has been developed in a youth theatre setting but it  can also be used in youth clubs or classrooms and with groups at various levels of experience.

How to use this resource

The resource has been divided into seven sections. For best results you should become familiar with each section. To support your group's journey through the programme, you will find a variety of material including workshop plans, videos, animations and examples of reviews in a range of formats.

Section 1: About the Young Critics Programme

Find out about Youth Theatre Ireland's Young Critics Programme; top tips for delivering your own programme; and the benefits of participation for young people.

Section 2: Exploring Theatre

Explore the group's understanding of theatre while introducing participants to some of the fundamental concepts of theatre.

Section 3: What is Theatre Criticism?

Introduce the group to theatre criticism and the role of the critic.

Section 4: Preparing to see the show

How does a critic prepare for a production?  A guide to 'detective work' i.e. researching the background to the production.

Section 5: The Theatre Experience

An insight into what to expect when attending the theatre.

Section 6: After the Show

"You liked it. Why?" Take your group on a reflective journey and help them to make a critical response.

Section 7: Creating a Critical Response

The group have something to say and they want to share it, what next?