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Youth Theatre Ireland is committed to conducting research that investigates and validates youth theatre practice and explores its impact on the artistic, social and personal development of the young person.

State of Play—Youth Theatre and Drama in the South East of Ireland

The State of Play research project explored drama opportunities for young people in the South East (Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow) and conducted a needs analysis of youth theatre / drama training within this region. The research was carried out on behalf of Wexford County Council Arts Department, as part of the New South East Arts Initiative and in partnership with the Coracle project (An Ireland-Wales Project, Interreg 4A).

Individuals and organisations involved in youth drama and theatre activities in the region contributed through an online survey and focus group meeting.

Download the State of Play report (90 pages, 2MB)

Centre Stage +10: The Report

The final report of Youth Theatre Ireland’s major research project Centre Stage +10 was published in May 2009. Rhona Dunnett, Youth Theatre Ireland’s Research and Development Officer, carried out extensive research to generate a detailed picture of youth theatre activity in Ireland in 2007 and 2008. Substantial input was received from leaders, members and a range of stakeholders in the sector.

This was the first research of its kind since the first Centre Stage research took place ten years ago.

The report examines youth theatre under the following headings:

  • The impact of participation in youth theatre
  • Artistic planning and programming
  • Structures, funding and resources
  • Youth theatre members and leaders

Major findings include the professionalism of the sector, as evidenced by the dramatic rise in the different models of youth theatre. Also identified is the need for sustained funding to allow youth theatres to plan ahead and develop an artistic programme that clearly meets the needs of their members.

You can download the full report below (224 pages). It is also downloadable in sections.

Download the full Centre Stage +10 report (224 pages, 1.2MB)

Download Exec Summary/ /Foreword/Table of Contents/Chapter One (25 pages, 668k)

Download Chapter 2: Youth Theatre Models and Structures (30 pages, 240k)

Download Chapter 3: Funding and Resources (18 pages, 136k)

Download Chapter 4: Youth Theatre Practice and Programming (39 pages, 192k)

Download Chapter 5: Youth Theatre Members (25 pages, 156k)

Download Chapter 6: Youth Theatre Leaders (16 pages, 120k)

Download Chapter 7: The Benefits of Participation (22 pages, 136k)

Download Recommendations/Acknowledgements/Bibliography (10 pages, 80k)

Download Appendices (31 pages, 256k)

Changing Profiles

Changing Profiles is a research project undertaken by Youth Theatre Ireland in 2005 to examine the participation of 10–14 year olds in youth theatre. The research process was conducted among affiliated youth theatres already working with this age-range, and focused on three specific issues: practice, welfare and repertoire. After reviewing the findings of this report, the Board of Youth Theatre Ireland recommended that Youth Theatre Ireland continues to focus its activities on the 12+ age group.

Download Changing Profiles (32 pages, 1607k)

Centre Stage

In September 1998, Youth Theatre Ireland concluded a major programme of research and review. Many of its findings were drawn from a questionnaire completed by almost 1,000 youth theatre members from over 50 different youth theatres around the country. The research was compiled into the Centre Stage: The Place of Youth Theatre in Ireland 1997–1998 report.

Download Centre Stage Summary (12 pages, 307k)

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