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Perform YT supports member youth theatres to perform plays from Playshare by contributing to the cost of the performance rights to the playwrights. It aims to continue to support youth theatres to rehearse and perform interesting, well-written and diverse youth drama plays. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. 

Who can apply?

Any group that is a fully paid up member youth theatre of Youth Theatre Ireland.

What can I apply for?

  • You can apply to have the performance rights of any play from the Playshare collection covered, up to €35 per performance. 
  • Youth theatres decide the play they would like to perform,
  • It is the responsibility of the youth theatre to negotiate the rights with the playwright/agent and provide Youth Theatre Ireland with a written quote for actual cost per performance.

Alan King can offer guidance on the Playshare plays most suitable for your group. 

How do I apply?

Fill out the application form outlining which play you intend to perform, the number of performances, the cost of each performance. You must indicate that you have already discussed and secured the rights from the playwright in advance of applying for the scheme.

How much will Youth Theatre Ireland contribute?

Youth Theatre Ireland will cover the cost of the rights only to a maximum of €35 per performance. The scheme will not cover any additional costs if the rights are more expensive. If the rights are less expensive, Youth Theatre Ireland will only cover that amount.

The performance rights to the writer must be agreed in advance. Any payment from Youth Theatre Ireland will only be on receipt of an invoice from the applicant youth theatre. In some exceptional circumstances, where the rights cost far in excess of €35 per performance, Youth Theatre Ireland may be in a position to contribute further. Please contact Alan King if you have any queries about this.

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