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No-one is better placed to answer these questions than the youth theatre members and leaders themselves, and this is the inspiration behind Capture YT.

For Capture YT, Youth Theatre Ireland staff work with a youth theatre to make a short documentary film that showcases their group in an innovative way. The process ensures that the views of the members themselves are central and the film captures the unique quality of each youth theatre.

Capture YT is a win/win programme: the youth theatres gain a great tool to communicate with potential new members, volunteers, funders and media etc.; and Youth Theatre Ireland amasses a very special documentary archive.

 Capture YT Projects

Youth Theatre Ireland Capture YT—Laois Youth Theatre 2013

A short video about the work of Laois Youth Theatre.


Youth Theatre Ireland Capture YT—Roscommon County Youth Theatre 2012

Youth Theatre Ireland Capture YT presents Roscommon County Youth Theatre. A short piece about the work of the youth theatre and the thoughts of those involved.


Youth Theatre Ireland Capture YT—Graffiti Theatre Company 2011

A short film about Graffiti Theatre Company’s work with their three youth theatres. This film was made through Youth Theatre Ireland Capture YT programme.


Youth Theatre Ireland Capture YT—Sligo Youth Theatre 2010

A short video piece about Sligo Youth Theatre which was produced with Youth Theatre Ireland through our Capture YT programme.

Banner Photo: Ros Kavanagh

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