4 and 5 April

Dundalk YT to Stage “The Black Eyes”

Dundalk YT members in rehearsal for The Black Eyes

Dundalk Youth Theatre


The Black Eyes
Bev Clark

Directed by Gary Mullen

This story is based upon a popular urban myth that originated in 20th Century America: the phenomenon known as The Black Eyes. The play takes us on a journey via witnesses’ accounts of those who have seen and escaped from these strange beings. Are they ghosts, ghouls or aliens or perhaps the walking dead? Are the black eyes our inner fears irrational or otherwise? Is it when we feel most alone and vulnerable that the darker side can rise in us? No one is safe from The Black Eyes, and the darkness that comes from within.

Where? An Táin Arts Centre

When? Thursday and Friday, 4 and 5 April at 8.00pm 

How much? Ticket Price €10

Book online here.

4 and 5 April

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