13 February 2019

Centre Stage +20: Final Questionnaire Available Online

Youth Theatre Questionnaires: the final phase of Centre Stage+20!

We are asking one key leader in each youth theatre to complete a final online questionnaire about how their group runs: its finances, structures and resources; its practice and programming; its membership; and junior leaders.

Youth theatre leaders often ask Youth Theatre Ireland for information on standard grant levels, recruitment strategies for young people, how other youth theatres plan their activities across the year etc. We need you to provide information through this survey so that Centre Stage +20 and Youth Theatre Ireland can answer those questions for you! It’s really important that all affiliated youth theatres take part.

A lot of detailed information is required to complete the survey and that information may be held by more than one person in your youth theatre. You can download a pdf of the survey here in advance. You are advised to prepare the information first and then input the information in one sitting through the surveymonkey site. The online survey can be accessed at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R3MZFGD.


We appreciate that it will take some time for youth theatres to gather the information required and complete the form when you all have busy schedules! Please complete the survey here. Contact Rhona (01-878-1301 / rhona@youththeatre.ie)  if you have any questions or if you foresee difficulty accessing the required information by 29 March.

Thanks a million for taking the time to complete the Centre Stage +20 questionnaire. It is really appreciated!

The Centre Stage +20 research project aims to generate a detailed picture of current youth theatre activity in Ireland through the information and opinions we gather through the Centre Stage Census Week, questionnaires, interviews and workshops.

For more information, contact rhona@youththeatre.ie.

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