08 April 2018

Youth Theatre Ireland Magazine: Tell us about your work

Youth Theatre Ireland Magazine: Tell us about your work

Work is under way on the annual ‘Youth Theatre Ireland’ publication, due in November 2018. At the helm again we have the fantastic editing duo of Kate McCarthy and Dr. Una Kealy, ably assisted by the editorial committee. As we develop the content for this year’s edition, themed ‘Outside the Box’, we want to hear from youth theatres about their work in a number of thematic areas.

We are interested to hear about projects that have taken place within the past three years as well as anything you have planned for the near future. If you have something that you would like to see profiled in the magazine please drop us a few lines about it to info@youththeatre.ie and we will be in touch for more information as the publication develops.

 There are three areas of practice we would like to hear about:

  1. Youth Theatre work outside of traditional spaces, for example site-specific productions and street theatre.
  2. Examples of international projects your youth theatre has participate in, in particular any experience you have of European exchanges.
  3. Do you include pantomimes in your annual programme? We are interested to hear how youth theatres use pantomime in their youth theatre practice.

 Please get in touch by 20 April, we really want the publication to be representative of the broad youth theatre sector and this is your chance to bring to our attention any work that we may not be aware of. 

On a more general note, we will be requesting content for the youth theatre round-up later in the year and we love getting quality, high resolution images. Please bear this in mind when documenting your work during this busy production season!

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