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Questions frequently asked by adults

I run a drama group for young people. How can the participants in my group get involved in the Youth Theatre Ireland programme?

Your youth theatre must be affiliated to Youth Theatre Ireland in order for the young people to participate in our national programme. Information on how to affiliate can be found here. If you are already affiliated to Youth Theatre Ireland, then the participants in your youth theatre are already eligible to participate. The Programmes section of this website provides details of the various opportunities on offer.

My son / daughter has done some drama classes and they want to get more involved in drama. Should they join Youth Theatre Ireland?

Youth Theatre Ireland is the national resource organisation for Irish youth theatres. While we do run programmes for young people, they must be in membership of an affiliated youth theatre to take part. If your child wants to get more involved in drama, they should seek to get involved in their nearest youth theatre. The Find A Youth Theatre section of this website provides details of all Youth Theatre Ireland's affiliated youth theatres.

I am a drama practitioner who is interested in working with young people. Should I join Youth Theatre Ireland?

Yes. Membership of Youth Theatre Ireland will allow you to access a wide-range of training opportunities and member-only youth drama resources. It will also help you to keep ‘plugged-in’ to the sector. It should be noted, however, that individual membership of Youth Theatre Ireland is open to all interested parties and we do not endorse or provide a brokerage service for facilitators.

I am a drama practitioner and I want to access garda vetting. How can Youth Theatre Ireland help me?

Youth Theatre Ireland's Garda Vetting Consortium is for affiliated youth theatres only. Youth Theatre Ireland cannot submit vetting forms for individuals except where Youth Theatre Ireland or an affiliated youth theatre wishes to engage the services of that individual. As vetting information cannot be shared between organisations, individuals must be vetted anew by each organisation that engages their services.

I am looking for a script for my youth drama group. Do I need to join Youth Theatre Ireland to access your collection of scripts?

No. Our Find a Play resource is open-access. However, non-members will be charged postage and packaging where applicable.

I run a youth theatre that is not affiliated to Youth Theatre Ireland, how do I become a member?

Youth theatres seeking to affiliate to Youth Theatre Ireland must fulfill certain criteria. Details of these criteria and how to apply can be found under Youth Theatre Affiliation.

What is the difference between joining Youth Theatre Ireland as a youth theatre and an organisation?

Organisation membership is open to any organisation with an interest in young people and the arts. Youth theatre membership is open to youth theatres only and involves a process of affiliation where a number of criteria must be met. Youth theatres in membership of Youth Theatre Ireland can send young people forward to participate in Youth Theatre Ireland’s national programme and organisation members cannot. For more information on the difference between youth theatre and organisation membership see Membership Benefits.

What is the process for affiliating as a youth theatre?

The process and time-frame for affiliation to Youth Theatre Ireland varies depending on the development stage of your group when you first make contact with Youth Theatre Ireland. During the process Youth Theatre Ireland will work with your group to ensure your practice and policies meet the affiliation criteria. If extensive support is required, you may need to join as an organisation member during this period. Depending on the needs of your youth theatre, and the time you or your committee have available to work towards affiliation, the process can take a matter of weeks or months. Once our Research and Development Officer is satisfied that your group meets the criteria, your affiliation application will be put forward for ratification by the Youth Theatre Ireland board of directors. For more information see our section on Youth Theatre Affiliation.

What are the benefits of my youth theatre joining Youth Theatre Ireland?

Youth theatres affiliated to Youth Theatre Ireland are plugged into a national network of youth theatres from all over Ireland. As an affiliate, your group benefits from national representation by a body with over 30 years experience of providing leadership to the sector. Youth theatre leaders can access a wide range of training opportunities and young people from your group can go forward to participate in programmes such as the National Youth Theatre and Young Critics. Read the full list of Membership Benefits.

I would like to start a youth theatre in my area. Should I join Youth Theatre Ireland?

If you want to start a youth theatre, then contacting Youth Theatre Ireland is the right place to start. We will help you to identify the steps you need to take and help you along the way. It is a good idea to join Youth Theatre Ireland while you are in the process of starting up a youth theatre so that you can access training, guidelines and tailored support from our team. However, it is best to talk to us first. For more guidance go to Get Involved.

I work with a group of 6–11 yr olds. How can I become a member?

Only groups working with young people aged 12 and over can affiliate to Youth Theatre Ireland.

How much does membership cost?

  • Individual Membership—€30 (student/unwaged discount €10)
  • Organisation Membership—€50
  • Youth Theatre Membership—€70

I have decided I want to become a member of Youth Theatre Ireland, what do I do next?

Organisation and Individual Membership forms can be downloaded from the Join Youth Theatre Ireland page. Return the form with the fee by cheque or postal order to Youth Theatre Ireland, 7 North Great George's Street, Dublin 1.  If you want to affiliate your youth theatre, visit the Youth Theatre Affiliation page to read the criteria and then contact Rhona Dunnett, Research and Development Officer. 

Questions frequently asked by young people

I want to audition for the National Youth Theatre, or take part in another Youth Theatre Ireland programme, but I am not a member of a youth theatre. Should I join Youth Theatre Ireland?

In order to participate in an Youth Theatre Ireland programme you must first be a member of a youth theatre affiliated to Youth Theatre Ireland. Check out Find a Youth Theatre to find a youth theatre in your area.

I have done some drama classes and I want to do more drama. I am interested in getting involved in youth theatre. How do I go about this?

You can find the answer to this question in the Get Involved section of this website.

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